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Embossed Business Cards

Elevate your business cards with an embossed effect!

Embossing is the process of pushing the card out from behind your logo, a graphic or even a non printed area to create a more unique effect.

Print Pricing Table:

Our pricing table displays our most popular embossing option which is printed on a 350gsm smooth white board, matte laminated with full colour printing on both sides. These cards will appear debossed on the back where the card is pushed up from behind to protrude outward. Standard size is 90x53mm.


Other embossing options are available using a new technique of concealing the debossing on the reverse therefore increasing visible printing space on the back, 1000 cards for this option is $235. For more information, please contact us.


Our design department can create your artwork from scratch or modify your existing artwork to make it print ready.

If you'd like to provide your own print ready artwork, please scroll down for specifications.

Artwork Pricing:

Print ready artwork supplied by you = $0

We make your existing art print ready = $38

We create artwork = $68

Prices include GST and Delivery to all metro areas in Australia


Embossed Business Card Gallery

Artwork Specifications

If you'd like to provide your own print ready artwork, it must meet the following specifications to qualify as print ready:

  1. Card size: 90mm x 54mm or 90x55mm

  2. Bleed: 2mm bleed added to each edge (total card size becomes 94 x 58mm for the cutting stage as the knife can move up to 2mm)

  3. Colour settings: CMYK  (Not RGB or Pantone. Many RGB and Pantone colours can not be replicated in CMYK print so there will be differences in appearance)

  4. Artwork resolution: 300dpi or more to avoid pixelation

  5. Design elements kept within 3mm of the edge of your artwork
    (this  allows for 0-2mm movement during cutting)

  6. Minimum text size for all CAPS 5.8pt, Minimum text size for standard text 7.5pt

  7. Convert fonts in final artwork to outlines to avoid substitutes on different computers

  8. Embossed layer must be saved as a separate file to the print layer.

  9. Duplicate your artwork to ensure precise placement, then make the embossed section black ink only, remove other elements that wont be embossed from this file.

File types accepted

PDF, EPS or packaged Adobe Illustrator or photoshop files are preferable (Ai or PSD).
High resolution JPEG and TIFF may be accepted.

Working with existing artwork that requires modification

Send through an email with your existing artwork for us to review. In most cases, we can modify PDF or Ai files which will save on design fees.


File types like PNG, TIFF & JPEG can not be modified and we'll need to start fresh.

Providing information for new business card artwork

Here are some suggestions regarding what you might include on a business card:

  • Business name and logo, preferably an existing PDF or high res PNG, TIFF or JPEG

  • Name

  • Contact number

  • Email

  • Website 

  • Facebook, Instagram or other social usernames or links

  • Services or products

  • ABN and licence numbers – An ABN isn't required, but worth adding if we have space

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