The Penrith Printing Process

We've assisted businesses for over a decade and have refined our process along the way to ensure can work efficiently and effectively together while keeping your costs down.


Selecting a product

You may already know which product(s) you're after, if that's the case, great! Written specifications are really useful for cross referencing and accuracy, but you're welcome to phone your questions and requirements through if that method is easier for you.


General specifications include:
Product type
Size of product
Quantities for quote

Paper or card

how it will be used

Date required

We will then come back to you with any product specific requirements or with the quote.



If you're supplying a print ready design, forwarding the print ready file can assist with the quote as it allows us to cross check the specifications and ensure the file is in fact print ready.

If you'd like assistance with your design, emailing the basic content to us as part of the quote can be helpful in ensuring we pick the right size flyer, sign, document etc.


Typical contents may consist of:

A logo

General business information

A special offer

Contact details

High quality photos


We can assist you with further information and recommendations once we have a better understand of your business and what you'd like your marketing to achieve.



If you're happy to proceed with your order, we require written approval and confirmation that the final artwork is correct to make sure we are sending the correct version to print.

We will confirm the correct delivery address with you.

We'll then send through the invoice where you can review the order  specifications and make deposit or payment when you're ready for your items to be added to the print queue.

We will pass on the expected turn around time as they will vary depending on the product and quantity ordered. Most items take 4-10 business days to complete.