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Envelope Printing

Custom envelopes are commonly used by real estate agents and businesses to conceal sensitive information when providing clients with printed documents. Common sizes are DLX (120 x 235mm), C5 (162x229mm) and C4 (324mm x 229mm). They are available in secretive/plain face or with a clear window on the front.

Our most popular request is made by medical and radiology practices and used for Xray and ultrasound scans.
Our two common sizes are 318x267mm and 444x368mm.

If you have any questions,  please don't hesitate to contact us!

Print Pricing Table:
Envelope info:
The pricing table displays common quantities and sizes for envelope printing.
  • Stock ranges from 100gsm to 150gsm

  • Envelopes can be printed in black and white, 1 colour, 2 colours or full colour printing.

  • Xray envelopes can only be printed in black & white, 1 or 2 pantone colours.

  • Printing on the front only with a 1cm gutter around the outside.

  • All envelopes except large Xray size come with peel and seal giving you the option to seal the envelope or just fold it in for easy opening.

  • For some of the larger envelope options, plates may be required and incur a surcharge for the first print run only, as we keep them stored for future printing.


Design Options:

If you'd like to provide your own print ready artwork, please scroll down for specifications.

Alternatively, our graphic designer can assist you with creating a professional design which is consistent with the rest of your branding. Simply send through an email or document containing the info you'd like us to include and we'll mock up a sample for you to review.

In many cases, this option will save you time and make for a better print result. 

We'll confirm artwork costs with you once we receive the content or outline from you to ensure our quote is accurate. 

Design Pricing:

Print ready artwork supplied by you = $0

We make existing art print ready from $77

We create standard artwork from $99

We create detailed artwork = $149+

Send through any ideas for a more tailored quote. Note, there is no artwork fee for any future repeat prints of the same design.

Prices include GST and Delivery to all metro areas in Australia

Image by Robert Keane

Envelope Gallery

Artwork Specifications

If you'd like to provide your own print ready artwork, it must meet the following specifications to qualify as print ready:

  1. Set your artwork to the size as per quote.

  2. No bleed is required for envelope printing

  3. Colour settings: Either CMYK for the full colour print option or Spot colours when choosing our 1 or 2 PMS colour print option.

  4. Artwork resolution: 300dpi or more to avoid pixelation

  5. Design elements kept within 10mm of the edge of your artwork 

  6. Convert fonts in final artwork to outlines as different computers don't always have the same fonts available, meaning they will be substituted automatically.

Download artwork template DLX

Download artwork template C5

Download artwork template C4

Working with existing artwork that requires modification

Send through an email with your existing artwork for us to review. In most cases, we can modify PDF or Ai files which will save on design fees.
File types like PNG, TIFF & JPEG can not be modified and we'll need to start fresh.

Providing information for new artwork

Here are some suggestions regarding what you might include in the design:

  • Business name and logo, preferably an existing PDF or high res PNG, TIFF or JPEG

  • Website address, contact details 

  • Facebook, Instagram or other social usernames or links

  • Services or products

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