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Graphic Designers & Sign Writers. There's often a difference.

On occasion, we have clients come to us requesting assistance with a design that they or another sign writer had come up with, but felt could be improved upon.

Take for example the following sign. Top Gun Cranes had purchased a sponsorship package through a local sports team which included the design and print of the sign. The following is one of the designs they received which they felt could be improved upon.

Top Gun Cranes sent us an email asking if we had any ideas on how to create a design that might help them to stand out among the other signs at the oval.

We feel that key to a good design and one that you're happy with is us taking the time to get to know your business and the desired outcome of the advertising.

The way that we help to represent your business in the public eye is really important to us and we don't want to send you out there with a design that lacks attention to detail and that you aren't happy with.

We also work with your budget in mind. We understand that different businesses have different advertising budgets, so we'll give you an idea of whats possible with your budget to ensure you know what to expect and don't need to worry about any unexpected pricing surprises on completion. To use your budget more efficiently, we will also send you progress samples as often our clients find they are happy with a design at a certain point and don't need us to continue working on it any further allowing you to save some money. In maximising your budget we are confident that we can provide you with professional designs that are great value for money.

Penrith Printing is proud to have a fully qualified and experienced graphic design on hand to assist you with your design. We feel that its something that sets us apart from your average sign shop as designers possess a vastly different set of skills, experience and qualifications to that of your average sign writer.

We are really flexible in the way we work and are happy to supply you with a design to take to the printer of your choice as we understand that sometimes you may be obligated to use a particular sign store or you might be supporting a family member for friends business.

Here's the final design we came up with for Top Gun Cranes that has since gone to print. We felt that a photo of their new crane jumps out to grab attention and gives the sign a 3D look. We've added a textured background to help assist with the 3D look and also made sure to use their most current logo and the correct website address.

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